Zoe and Molly are best friends. They are 9 years old and in grade 4. They go to King Arthur Elementary School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The girls spend a lot of time playing games online. Their favourite game is Blocker. In the game, you can build anything you want. It is so cool! You can build inventions and entire worlds either underground or underwater.

During recess at school…

Molly: Hi, Zoe!

Zoe: Hi, Molly!

Molly: Want to come over to my house after school to play Blocker? I think I am going to try to build a castle.

Zoe: Awesome. What are you going to name it?

Molly: Not sure yet.

Molly and Zoe go back inside for class.

Zoe: I’ll have to ask my grandma if I can come over after school.

Molly: Okay. Let me know.

After school, the girls meet up again.

Zoe: I can come over.

Molly: Great!

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