Zoe and Molly Online is a part of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s Kids in the Know safety education program.

About this comic:

This “Zoe and Molly Online” comic book is a creation of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc., a charitable organization dedicated to the protection of all children. This comic is designed to reinforce one of the seven root safety strategies that form an integral part of the Canadian Centre’s “Kids in the Know” safety program.

The “Kids in the Know” safety program is designed to empower children and reduce their risk of victimization. It focuses on building self-esteem through teaching critical problem-solving skills. The program uses an inclusive, community-based approach to heighten safety awareness. The core premise of the program is based on key root safety strategies and environments, which are reinforced and practiced throughout each grade level.

To access online activities related to this comic, visit zoeandmolly.ca. For more information on the “Kids in the Know” safety program, visit kidsintheknow.ca.

Copyright © 2015 by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc. All rights reserved. No person is permitted to post an electronic version of all or any part of this publication. No copying or distribution permitted without prior written consent, except that this comic may be reproduced by educators for educational use and by parents for home use, provided it is not reproduced to generate revenue for any person at any time and it is not reproduced for a commercial purpose. For teachers, the quantity of reproductions is limited to one copy for the teacher and one for each student and educational assistant in the class. Parents are permitted to make no more than five copies. For mass reproduction, or use beyond what is authorized above, send your request to: contact@protectchildren.ca.